Early Stage Researcher 13

PhD project

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The goal of the project is to develop new mass spectrometry based methods for quantification of body fluid biomarkers for diagnosis of the major forms of dementia and underpin analytical standardisation.

Your main tasks and responsibilities in this project are:

  • To develop sample clean up procedures for extraction of multiple biomarkers from biological matrices such as serum, plasma or celebrospinal fluids
  • To develop and validate a multiplex mass spectrometry method for quantification of biomarkers
  • To validate the method and apply it to a number of clinical samples
  • To compare its performance with the perfomance of immunoassay when appropriate
  • To communicate results by means of oral presentations and scientific publications;
  • To prepare a PhD thesis

The job holder will perform one secondment of 6 months (Internship) at the University Hospital in Montpellier.

The primary host of the project is: the National Measurement Laboratory and Designated Institute for organic and biomeasurements at LGC in Teddington, UK. The PhD will be a PhD at the University of Montpellier.

As early stage researcher you will be trained by researchers and senior researchers on the most appropriate instrumentation (including QQQ, QToF and Orbitrap instrumentation) and methods (including isotope dilution mass spectrometry, ion mobility mass spectrometry and hydrogen deuterium exchange experiments). You will be part of the organic analysis mass spectrometry team at LGC and work alongside the international community towards improvement and standardisation of clinical measurements.

Applications via institutional link or Euraxess