Early Stage Researcher 2

Prediction of protein-antibody interaction success in biomarker assay development

- Application closed -

The goal of this project is to develop prediction algorithms for the design of antibody biomarker assays to detect native proteins in CSF and blood.

Your main tasks and responsibilities in this project are:

  • Setup a Database on successful and failed antibody and immunoassay development 
  • Gather initial assay development data in Madrid (ISCIII). 
  • Develop  a method to predict success of antibody binding and immunoassay development.
  • Adapt antibody specificity prediction methods for blood and CSF (ENPICOM).

You will need the following skills:

  • programming in python
  • being familiar with structural bioinformatics techniques
  • being familiar with machine learning methods


We look for excellent candidates with a M.Sc. degree in Bioinformatics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Machine learning or related fields.


The primary host of the project is: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As an early stage researcher you will be supervised by an Associate Professor in Bioinformatics (Dr Sanne Abeln) and will collaborate with groups at the Amsterdam UMC location VUmc  (Prof. Charlotte Teunissen), at Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Dr. Mercedes Domínguez Rodríguez) and ENPICOM (Dr. Nicola Bonzani). You will be part of a young, multidisciplinary team, with ample experience in structural bioinformatics, assay development and machine learning.