Early Stage Researcher 3

Characterisation of protein surface accessibility states in specific biological matrices

- Application closed -

The goal of this project is to investigate the change in solvent accessibility for proteins binding to antibodies in different biological matrices.

Your main tasks and responsibilities in this project are:

  • Develop an algorithm for surface matrix specific surface accessibility prediction 
  • Experimentally study protein folding states in different biological matrices by quantifying surface accessibility in biological matrices using HDX-MS for bound and unbound states of the protein (LGC).
  • Model the resulting protein structure ensembles

We would expect you to:

  • have knowledge of and a keen interest in protein structures
  • be familiar with in vitro experiments handling proteins
  • have experience with proteomics (MS), would be a pre
  • be able to program in R, python or a similar scripting language, or have a keen interest to learn this.

We look for excellent candidates with a M.Sc. degree in Biophysics, Chemistry, Biotechnology or related fields.


The primary host of the project is: Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands. As an early stage researcher you will be supervised by an Associate Professor in Bioinformatics (Dr Sanne Abeln) and will collaborate with groups at LGC in London (Dr Milena Quaglia). In addition you will collaborate with the Neurochemistry group at the Amsterdam UMC location VUmc (Prof Charlotte Teunissen). You will be part of a young, multidisciplinary team, with ample experience in structural bioinformatics, assay development and machine learning.