Early Stage Researcher 5

Innovative detection methods for novel neurodegeneration biomarkers

The goal of the project is to generate innovative detection methods for novel biomarker candidates to improve the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases including frontotemporal dementia.

Your main tasks and responsibilities in this project are:

  • Develop customized panels of assays for analysis of novel biomarker candidates
  • Optimize these panels for biomarker detection in both cerebrospinal fluid and blood using state-of-the-art technologies
  • Technically and clinically validate these novel tests in relevant patient samples from different cohorts
  • Depending on the level of qualification also a neuropsychological evaluation of the different diseases can be a major part of the project
  • Process and analyze the data
  • Communicate results by means of oral presentations and scientific publications
  • Perform a six month secondment (internship) abroad

We look for excellent candidates with a M.Sc. degree in Biology, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Chemistry or related fields.

The host of the project will be the University Hospital of Ulm, Germany.

The laboratory of Experimental Neurology is located at Ulm University and focuses on the identification and validation of new (protein) biomarkers for neurodegenerative, neuroinflammatory and psychiatric diseases as well as the study of pathophysiological mechanisms of neurological disorders.

As a researcher in our group you will part of a dynamic and multidisciplinary team, with extensive experience in the area of biomarker identification, assay development and clinical validation.

Applications can be submitted through the institutional website and Euraxess